cinema-clapper-1. Introduction to production

We get together and discuss ideas and possibilities for your project.
This introductory conversation is free of charge and of engagement.

movie-camera2. Shooting footage

We capture live or staged happenings with professional equipment and expertise. Lights, sound and the right camera are available on location anytime anywhere.

Daily rate: 400 euros

film-strip3. Post-Production

This is where the magic happens. We store, edit, color grade/correct, mix the audio and insert/compose royalty-free music/sounds where desired. If logos, (sub)titles, motion graphics/animation or visualFX are needed, we don’t charge extra. We just charge the time necessary to get the job done. It’s as simple as that.

Daily rate: 400 euros

4. Delivery

Lastly, we deliver the goods via wetransfer, dropbox, usb or any other proposed means.

Our main goal is to offer creative products in a professional, swift & affordable manner.